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Re: where do NEW packages go?

>>"Philip" == Philip Charles <philipc@copyleft.co.nz> writes:

 Philip> On Sun, 19 May 2002, Mark Brown wrote:
 >> Frankly, I would not be surprised if most of the people saying that
 >> have nothing wrong with Hurd and everything wrong with the pointless
 >> flamewars which seem to have been following it around recently.

 Philip> Not as pointless as people may think.  Debian is being challenged to
 Philip> examine its culture and this is never a comfortable process.

	Really? I would think that this is far less a cry to examine
 one culture than a bunch os people who do not try to understand how a
 complex social system works, but come in and try to impose their own
 half naked schemes of how things ought to work, and result in mostly
 disruption and chaos.

	Sonething the size of Debian requires more than the ability to
 yell loudly, it requires the ability to work with a large group of
 people, and to understand how consensus is derined, and how work gets

 Philip> All organisations, including Debian, have a culture with
 Philip> certain values and assumptions which its members are hardly
 Philip> aware of.  These assumptions are built into manuals and
 Philip> procedures, written and unwritten.

 Philip> The way I see it is that Debian's culture developed though
 Philip> being a distribution of GNU/Linux.

	And therein lies your flaw. Debian has evolved as a bunch of
 people who are trying, through various and diverse reasons of their
 own, to get the Best working set of UNIX like toolsets and
 envoronments going. This is a fairly technically competent set of
 individuals, and a fair number of them are keeping at the bleeding
 edge of technology. 

 Philip> It is now being challenged to see itself as a distributor of
 Philip> free OS's, GNU/Linux, GNU/Hurd and the BSDs as equals.  This
 Philip> requires a culture shift.

	This does not need a culture shift, any more than
 incorporating python and ruby ntead of perl needs a culture
 shift. What is needed is a planned change, and the ability to
 recognize different parts that must be incorporated, and made to work
 together -- blithering idiocies like "the FHS and linux are
 braindead" have no part in this.

 Philip> IMHO, the target for the flames should be directed against
 Philip> the current Debian GNU/Linux centred culture and not
 Philip> "cabals".  After all the Debian's administrators reflect the
 Philip> current culture or they would not be allowed to administer.

	Cabals? You know, the sheer clulessness of thise rambling
 rants are enough to make most people ignore them. And like most
 conspiracy theories, that only makes the lunatic fringe pop up and
 yell out about validation of the conspiracy theory. 

 Philip> Don't look for a cabal when you are obstructed, the
 Philip> organisation's culture is probably the problem.

	Or the sheer inability of a novice to comprehend the
 methodology that has made the organization successful in the first

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