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Re: Work-needing packages report for May 17, 2002

On Fri, May 17, 2002 at 12:31:57AM -0400, wnpp@debian.org wrote:
>    linuxconf (#112187), orphaned 245 days ago
>      Description: a powerful Linux administration kit
>      Reverse Depends: linuxconf-dev linuxconf-i18n
>    svgalib (#132042), orphaned 102 days ago
>      Description: Console SVGA display utilities
>      Reverse Depends: yh argante cthugha apple2 lirc-svga atari800 thrust
>      svgalibg1-dev xpcd-svga svgalib-bin synaesthesia liballegro4
>      freecraft gnuboy-svga libsdl1.2debian-all libggi-target-svgalib
>      chdrv razzle svgalib1 playmidi lincity-svga xaos uae-suid qcam
>      lockvc xmame-fx gravitywars spectemu-svga xsabre vgacardgames
>      zblast-svgalib bmv svgalib1-altdev snes9x-svga quake2 gnuplot
>      vgagamespack acidwarp svncviewer libggimisc2 sabre crystalspace
>      abuse lxdoom-svga ohphone dvisvga luxman xmame-svga zgv

These packages - no doubt others too, but these caught my eye - could
particularly benefit from competent maintainers, and they've been
orphaned for some time. Is anybody interested in taking these on?

(This isn't a threat to have them removed or anything, of course, just
wondering if a cut-down post would help them stand out from the WNPP
crowd. Perhaps we need an "interesting orphaned packages" list? :))

Colin Watson                                  [cjwatson@flatline.org.uk]

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