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Mozilla/Galeon dotted y revisited

Hi all,

Not so long ago there was a thread here or on -user[1] about dotted-y
characters showing in web pages in Gecko. Someone said it was due to the
fact that those pages used a Windows character set, which contains curly
quote characters.

Now, however, I've found a page that is encoded in UTF-8 and has the
same problem: The unicode character 2019, which is the single end quote
_in the standard_, is shown as the dotted-y. 

If I set 'use own fonts' (I use Galeon 1.2.0), the character is displayed
correctly, even if the 'own font' I use is the same as the one requested
by the page. Also, explicitely setting the encoding to UTF-8 doesn't

The page in question is

Any suggestions? Anyone else seeing the same?


[1] I can't find it in the archive. Somehow my searches there never seem
to work properly :-(

Matijs van Zuijlen

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