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Re: Inquiry

* Daniel Burrows (dburrows@debian.org) wrote :
> On Mon, May 13, 2002 at 02:06:56AM +0800, Abdullah <kingbell@shabaka.net.sa> was heard to say:
> >          Its my greatly honored  two to contact you to day hopping you can
> >    answer me back . I have bad experience with the chines people normally
> >    E-mail not so good we to connect However we are in the wheel business and
> >    I've try to go to your home page which http://www.superband.com.cn but I
> >    think the English virgin is not working.
>   I think this guy gets the trophy for the weirdest piece of spam ever.
> I'm still not sure what he's trying to advertise.  Some sort of car shop?
>   Daniel, slightly curious about those English virgins..

They're mine I tells you, mine!
Thom May -> thom@debian.org

"The use of unmanned aircraft could significantly improve the 
survivability of combat missions" -- Boeing Defense study

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