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Re: crontab and editors (was Re: Editor Priorities)

(Originally sent to Mr. Stone instead of just the list.)

On 13-May-02, 08:59 (CDT), Michael Stone <mstone@debian.org> wrote: 
> You've completely missed the point of the patch. :) The goal is to allow
> the user to edit the crontab file but not to turn it into a symlink or
> somesuch.

I think you've missed the point. The point is to allow the user to edit
the crontab file w/o some *other* user changing it to a symlink or
otherwise screwing with it. If the user doesn't have write permission to
the directory, the editor can't write a new copy of the file, which is
exactly what people were complaining about. If the only person with r/w
access to the directory is the user herself, what can happen? (Serious
question, but I don't see it...)

> Try mkdir with permission mask 0711. 

Doesn't work.


Steve Greenland

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