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Re: crontab and editors (was Re: Editor Priorities)

On 09-May-02, 05:37 (CDT), Richard Kettlewell <richardk@chiark.greenend.org.uk> wrote: 
> > (All without closing /tmp/funnyname between 1 and 7).
>   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> That's a blatantly obvious bug.

Read my reply to manoj, and the code. And note that this "blantantly
obvious bug" has been around on most free unix OS's since 1993.

> crontab should be fixed, both to avoid /tmp and to use a sensible
> algorithm for detecting when the file changes.  Or not bothering to
> detect when the file changes - why does it need to know anyway?

Submit an audited patch. Or takeover the package completely and do
whatever the hell you want. Either one is fine with me.

Steve Greenland

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