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Could someone with an Alpha help me for #64730 please?


I have a very old bug #64730 (May 2000) on a package I took over.  The
problem seems Alpha (or 64 bits) specific but I don't have such a
computer and I can't use one of the Debian system since X11 does not go
through ssh (or I did not succeeded).

Could someone install jpilot on an Alpha system and tell me if the
layout is correct or not.

I think it was an old GTK bug that is now corrected but I need a
confirmation before I close the bug.

I have put the screen copy on my page [1] since the link in the bug
report is not valid anymore.

Thank you,

[1] http://people.debian.org/~rousseau/jpilot.png

 Dr. Ludovic Rousseau                        Ludovic.Rousseau@free.fr
 -- Normaliser Unix c'est comme pasteuriser le Camembert, L.R. --

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