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Re: Editor Priorities

begin  Wichert Akkerman  quotation:

> Previously m@moshez.org wrote:
> > * Not free -200
> I still disagree with that one. We are talking about an index of the
> usefulness of an editor, not its license. That is a completely seperate
> issue.

I violently agree with Wichert. By the scores m@moshez.org posted,
either vi or emacs would be strongly preferable to pico, which is insane
if ease of use for users unfamiliar with Unix is of any importance at

I don't mind non-free=-1 to allow nano to win over pico (assuming that
the two score identically otherwise), but any absolute value much
greater than that essentially says that political advocacy is more
important than whether the user is able to get work done, which would be
an arrogant, elitist, and terribly insulting attitude to take.


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