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No libmotif-dev on arm?


the build of snd-motif fails because libmotif-dev is missing. The last
build, which was some weeks ago, finished succesfully, and I didn't find
libmotif-dev on the list of removed packages.

Are there no non-free packages available anymore for the arm

Apart from that I have to admit that I don't know if there's a sound
interface on arm, so maybe snd isn't very useful on arm anyway (it's a
sound file editor).

But the problem is that new versions of snd won't enter testing because
they'll keep out of date on arm. If I remove arm from the architectures
where snd-motif shall be built, will the testing scripts honor that and
let new versions in? Or do I have to request removal of snd-dmotif on

regards, Stefan
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