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Re: libreadline

* Steve Langasek <vorlon@netexpress.net> [020504 19:30]:
> I believe this is only an issue if we also ship python programs that
> use both modules.  It may be the case that we do; but simply having both
> python modules available on the system is not a license conflict, and
> end-users are even allowed to write programs using both modules; they
> just can't be distributed with Debian without some resolution to the
> above issue.
> If we don't ship any python programs that depend on both SSL socket
> support and readline support, I believe providing a non-SSL-enabled
> socket module as the preferred socket module will satisfy the license
> requirements.  If we have programs that do need both SSL and readline,
> then something needs to be changed -- either readline must be replaced
> with editline, or OpenSSL must be replaced with gnutls.

Well, if you do this:

    freefly:46> python2.1
      Python 2.1.3 (#1, Apr 20 2002, 10:14:34) 
      [GCC 2.95.4 20011002 (Debian prerelease)] on linux2
      Type "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information.
    >>> import socket

then both readline and OpenSSL are linked into the Python interpreter.

Now the question seems to be if distributing a package that allows this
is in violation of the GPL.

If you run a Python script (non-interactively), then readline is not


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