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Re: ext3 root partition with kernel-image packages

    "Tomas" == Tomas Pospisek's Mailing Lists <tpo2@sourcepole.ch> writes:

    Tomas> On Thu, 2 May 2002, Michael Meskes wrote:

    >> I was expecting that all I need to do is call mkinitrd once to
    >> get the correct initrd image, reboot and that's it. But it
    >> simply does not work.  All docs I found so far suggest it
    >> should, though. But on our machine the root filesystem is
    >> constantly mounted as ext2 (as listed in /proc/mounts) but no
    >> error message is issued. The ext3 module is loaded but listed
    >> as unused.

    Tomas> Same situation here. I would be really interested to see
    Tomas> how someone gets it going with ext3 as a module.  *t

I'm using a stock Debian 2.4.18-k7 kernel image. After running tune2fs
to add a journal, it boots up correctly with my root file system
mounted as ext3 (confirmed in /proc/mounts). 

I did not touch anything in the stock kernel, I'm using the same
initrd image that the package installed. There is however a .journal
file in the root filesystem, which, as it happens, is the only mounted
file system on the laptop in question.


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