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Re: SPAM mails marking bugs as done?

Daniel Lutz <danlutz@debian.org> wrote:
> I received the mail included below from the BTS. A mail
> sent to <89286-close@bugs.debian.org> marked bug #89286 as
> done. But the appropriate mail itself seems to be SPAM!

> I assume that the mail address <89286-close@bugs.debian.org>
> is included in the appropriate company's spamming list.

> Is this possible? Can really anyone mark a bug as done?


> Shouldn't this be restricted to developers only?

At least the submitter should be able, too, additionally not only
Debian developers are package-maintainers.

Imvho this issue (spam accidentally closes or marks as forwarded)
would be solved if it was simply required that all messages to control
xxx-done or xxx-forward had to either start with some magic line
(similar to submit which requires "Package: foo") or include some
X-Header. (Not all MUAs allow adding arbitrary headers.)
           cu andreas

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