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topic for woddy press release draft

Dear Debian Friends,

I'm not a developed, just a regular debian user (since 1997) and just switched from potato to woody, and have a
comment for possible inclusion in the release statement.

My potato system was running very very nicely since the very initial potato release, but when I finally got woody
100% working, my workstation desktop started having problems because UTF-8 somehow became the default when I
switched to woody, whereas in potato i had been using latin1.  I never chose to switch, it just happened when i
dist-upgraded to woody. all text consoles also have similar problems with encodings, etc.

so it might be a good idea to put somewhere a note or two, either in the release statement only, or in the
woody upgrade page, about how to get around the initial problems. for example, my gnome-terminal and my mutt
all have stopped accepting accented input even though my xmodmap is configured correctly (works w/ emacs, for

i think utf-8 is the better encoding, but the switch has not been smoothe for me.

if this is totally superfluous, please accept my apologies....

one more thing: i am not on the developer list, so if any of you have some help for me about how to get utf-8
working 100% correctly (accents and all for inputting text) then please let me know. thus far, i have not
been able to get mutt or nano or their utf-8 builds to accept accented european letters. do i need a special
xmodmap file different from what i used w/ latin1 encodings?

lastly, please make sure to cc any replies to me, since i am not on the list.

ANd, overall, I AM EXTREMELY EXTREMELY SATISFIED WITH DEBIAN (having tried red hat, mandrake, suse, conectiva, and 
proprietary unix, not to mention MS oses).  i'm very pleased indeed.

Warm wishes from a tropical Macei'o (accent does not work!!)


G. M. Viswanathan, PhD			E-mail: Gandhi@fis.ufal.br
Associate Professor			
Department of Physics			FAX: 55-(82)-2141645
UFAL--Federal University of Alagoas	TEL: 55-(82)-2141425/2141422
CEP 57072--970

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