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Re: new draft release announcement

[please cc me on replies - I read through list archives]

  [Joey Hess]
> > For the first time, Debian comes with the KDE desktop
> > environment. The GNOME desktop environment is upgraded to version
> > 1.4, and X itself is upgraded to the much improved XFree86 4.1.

[Siward de Groot]
> "much improved" sounds good. What new goodies does it bring ?

"much-improved".  Hard rule to explain... basically - if an adjective
comes right before a noun, any adverb that comes with it is hyphenated.
Prepositional phrases are hyphenated in this case as well, since they
act as adjectives.  When there is no immediately-following noun (see?),
you usually don't need to hyphenate.

  XFree86 4.1 is much improved...
  ...the much-improved XFree86 4.1.

  Her reply was off the cuff...
  ...her off-the-cuff reply...

  ...whose speech was well prepared...
  ...gave a well-prepared speech...


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