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Re: writing a release announcement

On Sat, Apr 27, 2002 at 04:51:01PM -0400, Joey Hess wrote:
> (One more update.)
> non-profit nature, and its open development model make it unique among
> Linux distributions.

i liked the ``unique among operating systems'' compromise more. this
also is a bit of foreshadowing for woody+1, where we should have at
least two more kernels to choose from (The Hurd, and one of the BSD's)

> OpenSSH[1] and GNU Privary Guard are included in the default install, and

i also vote for the dropping of the footnote

> Debian GNU/Linux now supports a total of 11 architectures. It now runs on

eleven.  always spell out numbers that are less than twenty.

or is that one hundred? i forget, but, either way, eleven should be
spelled out.

> 2.4 kernel provides support for the ext3 journaling filesystem. 

and reiserfs!

> In the area of standards compliance, this is the first release of Debian to
> fully support FHS version 2.2. Debian GNU/Linux now also supports the Linux
> Standard Base (LSB).

i thought we were merely compliant, when the lsb package was installed?


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