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The new way of closing bugs (dinstall)


  Since the implementation changes in dinstall, bugs are closed
  as soon as (almost) the package has been uploaded to the

  I do consider this as confusing since one may discover bugs
  for what a fix has already been uploaded but that did not
  reach mirrors yet. Moreover, you cannot seen anything in the
  BTS at first sight since closed bugs are moved to the bottom
  of the web page, hence one is tempted to fill a new bug report.

  I'm telling this because I experienced segmentation faults
  in sudo today and I strangely did not see any in the BTS
  related. Then I had a closer look at the whole bug reports
  and discovered that the bug had already been closed.

  Adam Heath was right on that point: it is necessary to
  add an intermediate state, say pending-closed for bugs that
  have been closed before dinstall runs.  

Jérôme Marant


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