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Woody release security round-up

As part of my position as security secretary, I have been tracking security
issues that affect Debian.  For bugs affecting stable, I have been tracking
the same bugs in woody, and also bugs which only affect woody.

Listed below are the security issues that I have tracked this way, and their
status.  For each bug, I have attempted to verify that, in addition to being
fixed in unstable, the fixed version has propagated to woody.  This list is
probably incomplete, as it only goes back to about September 2001, when I
started doing this.  It is also possible that I have missed a few things, as
there is a huge volume of information to follow, between announcements and
discussion in the security community and changes to Debian.  I would
appreciate notification about missing items.

Maintainers: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, when closing a security-related bug (or
any bug), indicate WHICH VERSION fixed the bug.  Closure messages which do
not mention a version are useless when it comes to verifying the release.  I
am planning to put together some instructions for maintainers to clarify
procedures for dealing with security bugs.  In the meantime, mentioning
versions is the most important thing.

The only thing which remains to be resolved for woody is xtell, which should
probably just be removed.  Its critical bug was closed, but not all of the
problems were fixed, so I have reopened it.

Package		Bug			Status
-------		---			------

mimedecode	Buffer overflow		Fixed in 1.9-1

gawk		-f buffer overflow	Outstanding (#138427)

efingerd	Buffer overflow		Fixed according to maintainer. what

xserver-xfree86	MIT-SHM access control	Fixed in 4.1.0-15

chdrv		Trivial root exploit	Removed from woody

gnupg		Local signature export	Outstanding (#107374)
					Fix delayed until post-woody

sudo		Heap corruption		Outstanding (#144540)
					Fix broke sudo, so has not
					propagated to woody yet

horde		cross-site scripting	Fixed in 3:1.2.6-4

imp		cross-site scripting	Fixed in 3:2.2.6-5

mailx		Shell escapes		Fixed in 1:8.1.2-0.20020411cvs-1

		Arbitrary code exec	Fixed in 0.55-1

squid		DNS overflow		Fixed in 2.4.6-1

analog		Cross-site scripting	Fixed in 2:5.22-1

mtr		MTR_OPTIONS overflow	Fixed in 0.48-1

qpopper		DoS attack		Fixed in 4.0.3-8

xtell		Multiple security holes	Outstanding (#136018)
					Should be removed

zlib		Double-free bug		Fixed in 1:1.1.4-1

		Buffer overflow		Fixed in 2.8.7-1

licq		Buffer overflow		Removed from woody

apache-ssl	Buffer overflow		Fixed in

ssh		Channel ID check	Fixed in 1:3.0.2p1-8

zope		Objects with proxy roles
					Fixed in 2.5.0-3

php4		File upload		Fixed according to maintainer
					In what version?

php3		File upload		Fixed in 3:3.0.18-23

cfs		Multiple vulnerabilities
					Fixed in 1.4.1-5

gnujsp		Directory and script source disclosure
					Fixed in 1.0.0-6

squid		ftp:// URL bug		Fixed in 2.4.4-1

hanterm-xf	Buffer overflows	Fixed in 1:3.3.1p18-6.2

squirrelmail	Command execution	Fixed in 1:1.2.4-1

imlib2		Buffer overflow		Fixed in 1.0.5-0pre2002011601

stunnel		Format string		Fixed in 3.22-1

groff		grn buffer overflow	Fixed in 1.17.2-15

glibc		Globbing error		Fixed in 2.2.5-1

proftpd		Globbing bug		Fixed in 1.2.4-2

libgtop-daemon	Format string		Fixed in 1.0.13-1

and		Format string		Fixed in 1.0.5-1

wmtv		Root shell		Fixed in 0.6.5-7

squid		Denial of service	Fixed in 2.4.2-1

nvi		Format string		Fixed in 1.79-18

ssh		ssh2 restricted keys	Fixed in 1:3.0.1p1-1

bugzilla	Multiple vulnerabilities
					Fixed in 2.14-1

krb5-telnetd	Ring buffer issue	Fixed in 1.2.2-6

 - mdz

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