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Re: writing a release announcement

Joey Hess <joeyh@debian.org> wrote:
> Some things from the woody release notes that we could mention include:

> - apt pinning

I do not think this should be advertised that widely without a
big warning.
- I assume it won't work well for people running primarily stable
  and tracking some packages from testing (or even unstable) - after a
  short time (5 months) the dependency-chain is going to pull in
  _lots_ of packages from the unstable-part, including first
  libc/gcc*/, followed by debconf and X. The resulting mixture'd
  probably be less stable than running testing.
- pinning is not integrated in dselect, there is no way in dselect to
  see whether the package is available from stable or would be pulled
  in from unstable or testing. - This problem applies to people
  running testing, too.
          cu andreas

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