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duration non-us -> us [was: Re: Quarteryearly reminder (ftpmaster delaying installation)]

On Sat, 27 Apr 2002, Anthony Towns wrote:

> Uh, the whole point of ignoring enquiries is that it wastes far less of
> the ignorer's time than responding to them.

Speaking of which - how long does it currently take for a package to move
from non-us to us? It'd be nice to have a bugfixed mailsync [1] released
but with the current pace it doesn't seem likely to happen.

[1] current mailsync in queue/new has only non-us -> us changes. An upload
    that contained a one line patch to fix a trivial segfault was
    explicitly refused by James. If/when the current mailsync moves into
    unstable I'll try to follow up immediately with the "oneliner"
    bugfixed version.

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