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Re: XFree 4.2.0 - again

One of my Debian boxes is a laptop.  XFree 4.1 doesn't support my
laptop's video well enough to actually run, so I use 3.3.6.  I would
like to use 4.x, which means waiting for 4.2, which is supposed to have
better support.

And you know what?  I will fucking well wait until Branden thinks 4.2 is
ready, and I will install it then and not one moment before, because
it's not that goddamn important that I have the latest version of a
program that is nothing but an enabler for everything else, and that
adds new features that marginally improve something that's already
working kick-ass, precisely BECAUSE Branden is doing such bang-up job.

Lasse go home.

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