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Re: Quarteryearly reminder (ftpmaster delaying installation)

Am 24.04.02 um 09:00:10 schrieb Tille, Andreas:
> If I remember right the original intention was not to fork but to insert
> some patches.  Forking is the usual alternative in the free software world
> if patches are just ignored.  If I understand Michael right he would
> really love not to fork.

Of course not. I don't want a fork. I did it because my patches were not
accepted and because even if they had been, it would have been to late
to include them into woody because they were for a frozen package. It's
a temporary fork, and I want it to disappear.

What I really want is an internationalized APT. I don't care whether my
patches are used or whether Jason comes up with something of his own if
my work is so worthless, but I want an internationalized APT. There are
14 translations of 14 (more, really) people out there who contributed
and invested a fair amount of time (translating is not such an easy job)
and would have liked to see the package in woody, I bet.

That's (at least) 40 hours of work which is wasted at the moment, and
now ftpmaster can't be bothered to at least do _something_ about the
package? Is ftpmaster's time so much more valuable?

Joey, you don't want a fork? You don't need a translation? Good for you.
Jason, it's not high on your priorities list? Well, it wouldn't, would
it. Anthony, you don't want to release it? But not all of us are native
speakers of English, and some of us prefer translated messages. And "our
users" are even more likely to prefer localized packages than most of
us. I know many people who have problems with English. For them the
existence of a translation for a program means the difference between
using and not using it.


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