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Re: Contacting Christian? - Semi-OT (Was: Re: Bug#144107: ITP: mplayer -- Movie player for Linux)

> > Maybe he let Le Pen administrate his MTA, and it rejects immigrant
> > email.

> DPL election are finished. The real Branden is there.

If i had known these humorous sides on him i would maybe have put in on
first place. ;) So i mostly remembered him flaming the DDTP Project...
And liked the others' Platforms better.
Le Pen scares me actually. I always though that european community will
reduce nationalistic developments very much... And now we see Le Pen,
there's Haider, there's Schill, and i fear we'll end up with Stoiber, too.
(well, he probably is the best choice of these, and it's a bit unfair
naming him in one sentence with the others... hope he doesn't sue me...)
Actually i hope we get rid of him here in bavaria and "export" him to
berlin, and get some new people here... i just fear that we'll end up
with even worse... Politics suck mostly. But Fischer is great.


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