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Bug#144046: general: Sections are not finely grained

> 	Users need a hierachical layout in order to find software. Keyword
> by themselves are not that much useful since they would be only appropiate
> to the language used. Several disadvantages:
> 1.- more difficult to translate than sections

Not true if the keywords are limited to a specific selection. This is no more 
restrictive than the current system, except instead of being able to pick 
only one section, you can pick many.

> 2.- are not organised hierarchicaly (sp?)

Putting each package into exactly one section is not hierarchical 
organisation; it's a partition on a set. Programs can naturally belong to 
more than one set, but we restrict them to exactly one relationship. 

> 3.- difficult to represent graphically in a package-administration gui
> (sections are easily represented as trees).

If the keywords are limited to a specific selection, they can also be 
represented as trees. The root level contains every keyword. Expanding one of 
those gives a second level of keywords. So, if you're looking for the list of 
KDE apps, you could browse X11 -> KDE and look from there. If you simply want 
a comprehensive list of mail applications, you could look at Net -> Mail, and 
then from there browse to Net -> Mail -> KDE (which would be identical to X11 
-> KDE -> Mail). Every package will exist multiple times in the tree, but if 
each package is typically only a member of max three or four keywords, I 
don't think this will get out of hand.


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