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Re: Potato->Woody kernel upgrade problems

On Thu, Apr 18, 2002 at 03:32:59PM +0200, Michael Piefel wrote:
> No Net
>   The appropriate alias for eth0 was missing. This is a case of getting
> tired with all those "config file was changed by you or a script"
> messages when very often you are sure that you didn't touch it. In this
> case, a split to "common aliases" and "additional user aliases" in
> seperate files would have helped, but I'm not sure about how sensible
> this is. Perhaps three-way-diffs in dpkg would be helpful.

The solution to this is to stuff all your own aliases under something like
/etc/modules/mine or something like that. Then they will never been
overwritten (except if a package named "mine" decides it needs some modules

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