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Spamassassin 2.11 and razor 1.20

Unfortunately, there is a conflict between spamassassin 2.11 and razor 1.20,
as some of you may know.

Spamassassin 2.2 will be released shortly by upstream, and that version
contains the fix for the issue. I do not wish to backport the fix, or upload
a CVS version, as 2.2 should be coming in the next few days.

Is there any way of keeping razor out of woody until spamassassin 2.2 can be
uploaded? (I could file an RC bug, but is there a better solution?)

As far as reports of mail loss, I don't believe this to be true, but I agree
that the problem could corrupt mboxes, by adding superfluous lines. These
lines could be grepped and removed; however. I may be wrong on this matter,
please inform me if mail loss does actually occur.

A workaround exists by either downgrading razor to 1.19 or uninstalling

Sorry for not informing the list earlier, this has been a very busy week.

Duncan Findlay

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