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slightly OT: nfs error on Debian kernel

I installed an official kernel-source-2.4.17 and compiled it up.
Recently, I also compiled in nfs support:

(root@Mallard:linux-2.4.17)# grep -i nfs .config
# CONFIG_NFS_FS is not set

note that it's compiled in and not as a module. I've installed the
nfs-common and nfs-kernel-server:

(root@Mallard:linux-2.4.17)# dpkg --status nfs-common | grep Version
Version: 1:1.0-2

dpkg --status nfs-kernel-server | grep Version
Version: 1:1.0-2

however, when my system boots, exportfs gives me an error:

Exporting directories for NFS kernel daemon...bufflehead:/home/oldusers:
Function not implemented.

If I run exportfs by itself on the command line, I get the following:
(root@Mallard:duckwing)# /usr/sbin/exportfs -r -v
exporting bufflehead:/usr/local/xterminal
exporting bufflehead:/usr/local/xterminal to kernel
bufflehead:/usr/local/xterminal: Function not implemented

looking at my /var/log/syslog I see the following:

Apr 16 07:11:30 Mallard nfsd[1782]: nfssvc: Function not implemented

how can nfssvc not be implemented when I have nfs compiled into the
kernel and the proper nfs packages installed on my system? what am I

my xtab is blank and running exportfs -a does nothing. Here's my

# /etc/exports: the access control list for file systems which may be exported
#		to NFS clients.  See exports(5).

anyone have ideas as to what is going on? This shouldn't be that hard to
set up. I'm running Debian Sid:

(root@Mallard:linux-2.4.17)# cat /etc/debian_version

thanks for any help anyone can give.

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