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Re: XFree 4.2.0 - again

On 16 Apr 2002, Lasse Karkkainen <tronic2@sci.fi> wrote:
> Forgot to cc this to the list.. The message is attached.

Here's another clue, for free: when somebody specifically replies to
you rather to the list, and points that out in the message body, they
probably had a reason.  Going back on to the list is not perfect

> It's the hardware support. People are getting sick of VGA/VESA. I 
> thought that it would be obvious.

Hyperbole is not making you any more credible.  For example, I'm using
a 64MB FireGL2 (which does not even support VESA) on Brendan's xf86

> the problem is that I know next to nothing about Debian.

So I see. :-)

Please do some reading first.  You might, for example, start here:



(I know not everybody loves esr, but I think most would agree he's
more informed here than Lasse.)

Assuming you actually want to get better software and not just start
flamewars those documents should help.

> Also, if Branden is working on 4.1.0, why doesn't someone else do
> 4.2.0? Sounds like two separate projects to me.

The thing about most free software lists is that people are basically
not interested in your opinion about this until you can demonstrate
that it is an *informed* opinion.  Since you've admitted and
demonstrated you don't actually know anything much about XFree86 or
Debian (socially or politically) you're not doing well so far.  

Offering money comes second to having a clue, but it ought to be
something reasonably related to the effort involved, like say USD10k.
I have a feeling you had about $10 in mind.

> Then I'll be spending lot of time in the local library, trying to learn 
> how *nix/Debian work, 

That would be good.  Keep away from the email terminals :-)

Lasse, if you need more help understanding why your bozo bit just got
set, then please reply to me, not to the list.


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