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SDL 1.2.4 debian packages

I'm hitting a bit of a stumbling block in preparing SDL 1.2.4 packages for
woody.  The problem is that SDL does not work with ALSA 0.9 yet (I will do
something about this at some point, really I will...)

Debian's libarts-dev depends on libasound2-dev, which conflicts with the
libasound1-dev which is used for SDL.  Debian's SDL also builds with aRts
support, so you can see the problem I hope?  I haven't got a good solution
but I have a number of unpleasant options to consider:

 1. SDL 1.2.4 dlopen's libarts.  I can supply my own set of arts headers
 in the package for the time being.  Yuck.

 2. I have yet to upgrade libarts, apt wisely chose not to upgrade that
 without letting me decide how to handle it.  If I can compile against
 this version for woody (the updated libarts is already in woody) then
 this is a reasonable solution.  If the result has any incompatibility
 otherwise, it is likely a bad idea and should not be done.  Can you shed
 any light Christopher?

 3. SDL support for ALSA 0.9 is something I plan to work on whenever I
 manage to get ALSA set up here.  The patch should not be unreasonable nor
 difficult to test.  It may or may not be difficult to make, depending on
 just how much of the API has changed..  This is the preferred long-term
 fix, but I'm skeptical about doing that _now_ with woody's impending
 release (in theory anyway - here's hoping we don't wind up with another
 disk crash or so...)

No promises that SDL 1.2.4 will actually get into woody either way - I'm
building it in a woody chroot to make sure it _can_ go into woody, but I
am targetting it for a woody release.  Whether it gets in or not depends
on the rest of the release process and whether or not major bugs are found
in the packages, yadda yadda..

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