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Re: libusb and testing?

Ben Burton <benb@acm.org> wrote:


> Hi.. out of curiosity, does anyone know what's keeping the new libusb out of 
> testing?  I can't find anything useful in update_excuses.html and I can't 
> make sense of the lines in update_output.txt.

The (obvious) problems were :
- sane-backends/sane-frontends RC bugs
- gphoto2 not building on arm
- kdegraphics not building on arm

The hidden problems were :
- pencam depending on libusb0 on m68k and sparc (bad build-deps)
- libgpio depending on libusb0 on sparc (bad build-deps)


> Just wondering what remains to be done to let libusb 1:0.1.5-3 in.

Nothing. Just wait. Binary NMUs for pencam and libgpio are in
incoming, dinstall will pick them up in a couple of hours.

After this, we should be done with this problem.


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