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Release Process Information on http://www.debian.org/ correct?

Quoting http://www.debian.org/doc/FAQ/ch-ftparchives.html#s-frozen
| 5.4 What about "frozen"?
| When the testing distribution is mature enough, it becomes frozen,
| meaning no new code is accepted anymore, just bugfixes, if necessary.
| Also, a new testing tree is created in the dists directory, having a
| new codename. The frozen distribution passes through a few months of
| testing, with intermittent updates and deep freezes called `test
| cycles'.
| We keep a record of bugs in the frozen distribution that can hold off
| a package from being released or bugs that can hold back the whole
| release. Once that bug count lowers to maximum acceptable values, the
| frozen distribution becomes stable, it is released, and the previous
| stable distribution becomes obsolete (and moves to the archive).

I am quite confident that the first paragrapgh is completly bogus, but
before I submit a bug against www.debian.org (which severity, I think
serious or important?) I wanted to ask for confirmation/information.

My understanding of the current release process:
1  Lets make a release, after ...[1] is resolved
2  freeze policy
while (bugsquashing) {
  3  release manager modifies testing-scripts, and doubles
     testing-periods (20 instead of 10 days for urgency=normal)
  4  Delete packages with rc-bugs from woody.
  <We are here>
  5  Base has no rc-bugs and is frozen, i.e. testing-scripts won't
     forward any base packages from sid. (Updates for base packages
     targeted for woody have to be uploaded to woody-proposed-updates
     and are moved manually by the release manager, _if_ he accepts
  6  Standard has no rc-bugs and is frozen, i.e. testing-scripts won't
     forward any base packages from sid.
     (woody-proposed-updates-paragraph similar to 5)
7  The release manager removes all remaining packages with open
   rc-bugs, waits two days, and calls it stable.

I am missing any information about bf, I assume I could duplicate 5
and s/base/bf/ ?

4 should probably placed in some while(), too, but iirc deletion of
packages has become more frequently.

I am really not sure about 7, but it is the only way I can think it
could be possible to release on 2002-05-01.
              thanks, cu andreas
[1] Insert targets: XFree4 is ready, crypto in main is resolved, ...
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