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Re: rsync and debian -- summary of issues

On Fri, Apr 12, 2002 at 06:19:07PM +1000, Martin Pool wrote:

> What I'd really like is to have access to one of these machines and be
> able to attach debuggers to rsync and see what it's doing.  (In this case,
> that would mean being able to ssh in as 'nobody', or something
> equivalent.)  I realize there might be some security difficulties with
> doing that, but if we can get past them it would be good for rsync, and
> hopefully also for Debian.  If direct access is impossible then maybe
> somebody who can ssh to the machine can work with me.

I would be glad to help you with this, but I think that human-proxying gdb
is not the easiest way to do it.  It is quite easy to create a reasonable
facsimile of our environment; in fact, you can purchase a large chunk of it
on CD-ROM for around US$5, and download the rest from a nearby mirror.  All
that is necessary is a server with sufficient bandwidth, and then we can
avoid involving Debian's production servers at all.

 - mdz

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