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Re: rsync and debian -- summary of issues

On 12 Apr 2002, Jason Gunthorpe <jgg@debian.org> wrote:

> nobody    8835 25.7  0.3 22120 1740 ?        RN   Apr10 525:24 rsync --daemon
> nobody   22896  5.0  0.3 22828 1992 ?        SN   Apr11  21:20 rsync --daemon
> nobody    3907  7.3  0.5 22336 2820 ?        RN   Apr11  15:30 rsync --daemon
> nobody   10729 13.7  4.0 22308 20904 ?       RN   Apr11  13:10 rsync --daemon
> The load average is currently > 7 all due to rsync. I'm not sure what that
> one that has sucked up 500mins is actually doing, but I've come to accept
> that as 'normal'. I expect some client has asked it to recompute every
> checksum for the entire 30G of data and it's just burning away processor
> power <sigh>.


I've changed my opinion on this since we last talked, partly because
of taking over rsync itself, and partly because of learning more about
the problem space.  I'd hope it was possible to make things work
better, either by fixing bugs or by giving the sysadmin more range to
restrict expensive operations.

What I'd really like is to have access to one of these machines and be
able to attach debuggers to rsync and see what it's doing.  (In this
case, that would mean being able to ssh in as 'nobody', or something
equivalent.)  I realize there might be some security difficulties with
doing that, but if we can get past them it would be good for rsync,
and hopefully also for Debian.  If direct access is impossible then
maybe somebody who can ssh to the machine can work with me.


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