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Re: Request for gnuchess packaging change

On Wed, 10 Apr 2002, Lukas Geyer wrote:

> after unsuccessful attempts to contact the maintainer of gnuchess, Martin
> Mitchell (he did not answer at all to my emails), I would like to propose
> a change to the packaging of gnuchess. Andreas Tille did at least do an
> NMU to update to version 5.03 which fixes several outstanding bugs. One
> remaining bug is that gnuchess does not use its opening book. This has in
> the meantime been separated from the upstream source, due to its enormous
> size. I propose that Debian follows this step and splits gnuchess into
> gnuchess and gnuchess-book. The book in the current version is completely
> architecture-independent, so this separation makes sense as it only has to
> be built on one architecture for all. Furthermore, the book is not bound
> to change with every new upstream version of gnuchess, so that people will
> not have to download it every time the code changes. I have put up sample
> source packages under
> http://www.mathematik.uni-dortmund.de/lsix/geyer/gnuchess/debian
While having no time to check your work I really like the idea to split
the book from gnuchess.  I would have done it myself if it would not be
to much change for a NMU.

> My interest in gnuchess comes from the fact that I am co-maintaining the
> upstream gnuchess release. It seems to me that the maintainer has no real
> interest in the package and before the NMU of Andreas Tille it was
> completely broken for several architectures. I would be willing to provide
> Debian packages but I am not a member of the Debian project (yet).
I'm sure you will find a sponsor for your packages (if not just ask me
but I do not want to stay in the first position of the  queue because of
time constraints).  Perhaps you consider to apply as maintainer because
I like a stronnection between Debian maintainer and upstream.

Anyway, great job, Lukas!

Kind regards


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