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Request for gnuchess packaging change


after unsuccessful attempts to contact the maintainer of gnuchess, Martin
Mitchell (he did not answer at all to my emails), I would like to propose
a change to the packaging of gnuchess. Andreas Tille did at least do an
NMU to update to version 5.03 which fixes several outstanding bugs. One
remaining bug is that gnuchess does not use its opening book. This has in
the meantime been separated from the upstream source, due to its enormous
size. I propose that Debian follows this step and splits gnuchess into
gnuchess and gnuchess-book. The book in the current version is completely
architecture-independent, so this separation makes sense as it only has to
be built on one architecture for all. Furthermore, the book is not bound
to change with every new upstream version of gnuchess, so that people will
not have to download it every time the code changes. I have put up sample
source packages under


and would be glad about any comments. The package gnuchess will only
install gnuchess without any opening book (this might be changed to
provide some small default opening book) and the package gnuchess-book
builds and installs the book. (The build takes approximately one hour on
my iBook with 500MHz PPC, gnuchess compiled just with -O2.) I am not an
expert on Debian packets, but I have used debhelper before, and I started
from the package by Andreas Tille.

My interest in gnuchess comes from the fact that I am co-maintaining the
upstream gnuchess release. It seems to me that the maintainer has no real
interest in the package and before the NMU of Andreas Tille it was
completely broken for several architectures. I would be willing to provide
Debian packages but I am not a member of the Debian project (yet).

Best regards,

P.S.: Please Cc me on replies, I am not subscribed to this list.

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