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Re: Subversion packages

Quoting Marcelo E. Magallon (mmagallo@debian.org):

>  > >  > Now let's lart Thom for compiling apache2 against libdb3, instead of 
>  > >  > libdb4, which renders subversion unusable :)
>  > >  Again, I don't know about this...
>  > Thom does :)  He didn't want tons of emails questioning where to get
>  > libdb4 packages. So he said. I need to recompile :)
>  I'll take another look at this later, but I'm under the impression
>  subversion wanted to have libdb4.

I didn't mean to say it doesn't. In fact i'm sure that subversion needs
libdb4. But I said Thom compiled his apache2 packages against libdb3, 
because he didn't want to get covered in a pile of emails asking where 
to get libdb4 packages for debian. :) 

I just did a recompile with libdb4 at my box.


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