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Re: sid: libc6-2.2.5-4 kills vmware workstation 3.0

On Tue, 9 Apr 2002, Colin Watson wrote:

> > This problem is very common for non-free software.
> ... which really doesn't seem all that relevant apart from sounding
> good; hell, the change in nice()'s return value appears to be a problem
> for start-stop-daemon in dpkg, see #141500, and a minor problem with X,
> see #140012. The nice() interface *did* change without versioning - it's
> true that programs that relied on the old behaviour were buggy, but
> there are plenty of such programs in Debian main and that is something
> Debian developers should be aware of. Patting ourselves on the back is
> great when it's justified, but I think it's somewhat counterproductive
> when it isn't.

So, the change should be backed out.  Why was glibc changed during this

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