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Re: Please see the GNU FDL discussion on debian-legal

Thomas Hood wrote:
> Several people said that they didn't want Debian documentation to be
> full of political rants.  They would like to reserve the right to
> delete the parts they don't like from the manuals they package.  But
> what is this but censorship?  And how is censorship compatible with
> liberty?

and earlier:
> Protecting the freedom of this form of speech requires a somewhat
> different strategy from the one used to protect the freedom to copy
> source code.

I think you just answered your own question. Freedom of software and
freedom of speech are two entirely different animals, and attempting to
confuse them as you do two paragraphs above just muddies the waters.

Debian is not an organizaton formed to protect people's freedom of
speech. We are here to produce an excellent operating system which our
users are free to use and modify as they see fit. Where that conflicts
with freedom of speech, we should throw freeodm of speech out the

Documentaton and software authors do not have freedom of speech on my
Debian system; go put your soapbox on a public streetcorner.

PS: I think you know that terms like "censorship" and "freedom of speech"
    are very loaded, and I resent you dragging them into this

see shy jo

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