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Re: Rsyncable GZIP (was Re: Package metadata server)

On Sun, 2002-04-07 at 13:16, Otto Wyss wrote:
> > A large mirror in Australia does provide an rsync server to access debian
> > packages. When redhat 7.0 came out so many people tried to rsync it at the
> > same time, the machine promptly fell over. 
> > 
> What amazes me is that nobody is able or willing to provide any figures.
> So I guess no provider of an rsync server is interested in this subject
> and therefore it can't be a big problem. 

...or, more likely, they are too busy maintaining their rsync servers to
respond (or even follow the traffic on a list like this one).

The rest of us are trying to impress upon you the possibility that it
might be a big problem, as we've heard that it is in the past.  As
flimsy as anecdotal evidence is, it certainly beats proof by assertion.

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