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g++-3.0 library support?


it's not possible linking a C++ library compiled with g++-2.9x to a C++
application compiled with g++-3.0.

We all no the reasons...

My question is how I should handle this, on debian distributions that
are based on gcc-2.9x?

I have a C++ library. And I wan't to create debs for g++.2.9x and
g++-3.0. Technically this is no problem. 

I created 4 debs. 

1) libfoo      => shared g++-2.9x library
2) libfoo-dev  => development files (includes, .a, docu)
3) libfoo-gcc3 => shared g++3.0 library
4) libfoo-gcc3-dev => development files (.a only, since
   include files and docu are the same)

the g++-2.9x library files are called libfoo.so
for g++-3.0  libfoo-gcc3.so

The files of both packages are located in /usr/lib

So if I wanna link an programm with the gcc-3.0 version, -lfoo-gcc3 has
to be used and for gcc-2.9x, -lfoo.

Are there any better ideas?


Perhaps today IS a good day to die!

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