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Re: Description to man pages

> > To minimize possible conflicts with other names it creates man pages in
> > section 6 (games!). Of course this can be configured in the config file.
> > I'd rather like to know which is a better place for it.
> Use a subsection. For instance, somepackage(1dsc) goes in
> $(mandir)/man1/somepackage.1dsc.gz. This should avoid clashes, and you
> can pass man the '-e dsc' option to look at those pages exclusively. It
> might also be a good idea to write to /usr/local/man by default rather
> than /usr/share/man.
I didn't know that man has subsection, the man howto which I found on
the web didn't tell it.

I've now choosen "7dsc" since packages aren't commands.

> Would it be possible to make it easier to use for those who don't use
> debiansynch? I couldn't figure out how to get it to work at all -
> whatever I tried just ended up with "0 processed of 0". I don't have a
> local mirror, so I'd like it just to use the available file.

Actually dsc2man search for Packages files inside the basedir if no
distribution list is specified (empty parameter distsfile" in
"dsc2man.conf" or if the file isn't found). I've changed the behavior so
that searching is the default. Of course the Packages files have to be
located anywhere locally inside the searched basedir (regardless of

There was also a bug which prevented the search under certain
circumstances, but now it should work.

O. Wyss

Author of "Debian partial mirror synch script"

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