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Re: Uplink release with Debian

On Wed, 3 Apr 2002 17:10, Sean Middleditch wrote:
> > Maybe you could run such a site and use it to promote your AwesomePlay
> > company?  I doubt that your company would be seen as a competitor of
> > Introvision and they would probably be happy to work with you.  Maybe
> > they'd even pay you to produce the Debian packages of their software?
> Heh.  If only I was that talented.  I'll look into it, tho.  I had
> started Open Games, and sort of lost interest... maybe I could start
> that back up again. ^,^  (With a site design that doesn't induce
> vomitting, like the current one.)

It's not that difficult to do.  Also you could sub-contract parts of the work 
out to some of the people here if you can't do it all.  I'd consider doing 
some of the work.

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