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Re: Uplink release with Debian

On Wed, 3 Apr 2002 16:01, Sean Middleditch wrote:
> > >             I represent Introversion Software (www.introversion.co.uk).
> > > We are currently releasing our first computer game - Uplink.  Uplink is
> >
> > Let us know when you've published the source to the Demo and we'll
> > consider it.
> There's always Contrib.

Which can't be included on CDs or DVDs and generally doesn't get seen much.

> I think having game demos in non-free/contrib of Debian would be
> awesome.  Yes, you're helping the companies make money, but you're also
> making Debian a little more attractive to the average consumer.

Why not set up a separate site for Debian packages of game demos?  There's 
currently a site with an aptable list of DIVX/CSS/etc, there's a site with 
KDE betas, why not a site with game demos?

Maybe you could run such a site and use it to promote your AwesomePlay 
company?  I doubt that your company would be seen as a competitor of 
Introvision and they would probably be happy to work with you.  Maybe they'd 
even pay you to produce the Debian packages of their software?

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