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Re: preventing update of a custom package

On Mon, 1 Apr 2002 22:26, Joel Baker wrote:
> > > What I've been doing is giving my hacked versions of Debian packages
> > > revisions of -x.0.y, where x is the original package's revision and y
> > > is my local revision.  I use the 0 in between to avoid clashing with
> > > possible NMUs.
> >
> > If I'm not mistaken, that scheme is reserved for use by binary-only NMUs
> > (simple recompiles) for porting efforts.  So while it is unlikely to
> > clash, it is not by any means guaranteed.
> *scratches head*
> Am I mistaken, then, in my reading of policy and the developer's reference
> that indicate one *should not* change the version, changelog, or anything
> else when doing a binary-only porting NMU?

I think that the original post on this topic was from someone who is doing 
similar things to me.

I produce SE Linux versions of packages kdm, login, ssh, and cron which have 
the original version with ".se1", ".se2", etc appended (and appropriate 
changelogs).  When a new release of the base package comes out apt will tend 
to want to update over it.

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