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Re: preventing update of a custom package

On Mon, Apr 01, 2002 at 01:26:52PM -0700, Joel Baker wrote:
> On Mon, Apr 01, 2002 at 11:51:44AM -0500, Matt Zimmerman wrote:
> > On Fri, Mar 29, 2002 at 01:37:44PM +0000, Sean Neakums wrote:
> > 
> > > What I've been doing is giving my hacked versions of Debian packages
> > > revisions of -x.0.y, where x is the original package's revision and y
> > > is my local revision.  I use the 0 in between to avoid clashing with
> > > possible NMUs.
> > 
> > If I'm not mistaken, that scheme is reserved for use by binary-only NMUs
> > (simple recompiles) for porting efforts.  So while it is unlikely to clash,
> > it is not by any means guaranteed.
> *scratches head*
> Am I mistaken, then, in my reading of policy and the developer's reference
> that indicate one *should not* change the version, changelog, or anything
> else when doing a binary-only porting NMU?
> The use of fractional Debian revisions is clearly in the domain of NMUs
> and suchlike, but the only special case for "0" that I see listed is the
> use of -0.x when NMUing a new upstream version (IE, 1.3.4-3 -> 1.3.5-0.1
> if you source NMU the 1.3.5 sources, which both keeps the fractional NMU
> component, and leaves -1 and higher available for maintainer use).

Developers' Reference, section 8.2.1

	Sometimes you need to recompile a package against other packages
	which have been updated, such as libraries. You do have to bump the
	version number in this case, so that the version comparison system
	can function properly. Even so, these are considered binary-only
	NMUs -- there is no need in this case to trigger all other
	architectures to consider themselves out of date or requiring

	Such recompilations require special `magic'' version numbering, so
	that the archive maintenance tools recognize that, even though there
	is a new Debian version, there is no corresponding source update. If
	you get this wrong, the archive maintainers will reject your upload
	(due to lack of corresponding source code).

	The `magic'' for a recompilation-only NMU is triggered by using the
	third-level number on the Debian part of the version. For instance,
	if the latest version you are recompiling against was version
	`2.9-3'', your NMU should carry a version of `2.9-3.0.1''. If the
	latest version was `3.4-2.1'', your NMU should have a version number
	of `3.4-2.1.1''.

Duncan Findlay

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