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Re: on potato's proftpd

also sprach Wichert Akkerman <wichert@wiggy.net> [2002.03.31.1602 +0200]:
> > i don't get it. will someone please push this package ivo made as an
> > NMU into security.debian.org ASAP? i'd do it myself, but i am still
> > waiting for DAM approval...
> I'ld like someone to answer my question first: how come the glob
> fix in glibc doesn't fix proftpd?

wichert, it didn't. why should we discuss this before pushing the
temporary fix into the security archives??? it's a good question which
i'd also like to see answered, but right now, debian's got a semi-bug
in a package found on security.debian.org, we know about it, why do we
even hesitate?

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