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Re: Bug#140332: ITP: pureftpd -- PureFTPd - A fast, standard compliant, production quality FTP server.

On 29 Mar 2002, Rob Bradford wrote:

> Hhhm, Joy, what are you thinking, you can never have enough ftpds!
> <rob@poseidon>:~$ apt-cache search ftpd | wc -l
>      29

I know it is a joke but no Debian thread is complete without its' quota of
pedantry so let me point out this number is not accurate.  It includes
variants, documentation packages TFTP servers, webmin modules and the
like.  The actual number of FTP servers we have is 12 viz:

bsd-ftpd - Port of the
OpenBSD FTP server ftpd - FTP server
krb5-ftpd - Secure FTP server supporting MIT Kerberos
lukemftpd - The enhanced ftp daemon from NetBSD.
muddleftpd - A flexible and efficient FTP daemon
oftpd - A secure anonymous FTP server
pyftpd - ftp daemon with advanced features
twoftpd - a simple secure efficient FTP server
vsftpd - The Very Secure FTP Daemon
wu-ftpd - powerful and widely used FTP server
heimdal-servers - Servers for Heimdal Kerberos
proftpd - Versatile, virtual-hosting FTP daemon

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