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Re: Bug#139945: ITP: prokyon3 -- a multithreaded MP3 manager and tag editor for Linux.

> So, go ahead and port the Hurd to more than fifteen architectures. At
> the moment the single architecture it can run on is not quite my
> favourite..
> It happens quite often that a project does more than it was meant to in
> the beginning. That's good.. And at the moment Hurd seems to be some
> sort of vapourware. It's in no way ready to replace Linux, and all the
> Hurd people say is "just you wait, in a year we will be laughing about
> you all" or "we'll merge with L4 soon and then we will be a performance
> monster", but I've seen nothing yet. Stop all these discussions then,
> and spend more time on hacking. And come back to us in a year, when the
> system *is* ready for world domination.

You've quite obviously never taken the time to try out the Hurd. It's quite 
usable now, and the Debian Hurd project has scores of packages that run on 
it. I've had a Hurd machine running under my desk here for over a year 
without any significant problems. It runs X11 and everything.

Last I checked, world domination wasn't anyone's goal, for Linux nor for the 
Hurd. "Replacing Linux" isn't a goal either. It's an alternative.


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