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Re: Problem with apt-get or gnus

On Thu, Mar 28, 2002 at 05:51:16PM -0500, Bob Hilliard wrote:

> bob:vc-/2:bob>sudo apt-get install gnus w3-el-e20

>      Since I have emacs21 installed, why does apt-get want to install
> emacs20?  Is this an apt-get bug, a malformed Depends: line in gnus,
> or a lack of understanding of the Depends: mechanism on my part?


Well, maybe.

Did you notice that you're installing something else, in addition to gnus?
The w3-el-e20 has the following dependancies (wrapped for ease of reading):

Depends: emacs20 (>= 20.7-0.1) | emacs20-dl (>= 20.7-0.1),
         emacs20 (<= 20.7-100) | emacs20-dl (<= 20.7-100), mule-ucs

I suspect you will instead want the w3-el-e21 package, but I'm not sure if
that package works with gnus cleanly (the package Description and Suggests
fields both only refer to the -e20 one).  It may mean that the integration
with w3-el only works in emacs20.  That would be a shame, and perhaps a good
candidate for a wishlist bug.  If not, it looks to be a small bug in the
gnus packaging: it should Suggest: w3-el-e20 | w3-el-21 (and have a similar
update to its description).

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