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kde packages broken?

  What is wrong with the various woody kde packages (knode, kdebase3, keystone, kdebase3-bin...), since almost every time I upgrade my woodys some of them fail. Usually because dpkg tries to unpack a file from package A over a file which also exists in package B?
  I have noticed this many times upgrading from potato to woody with various packages but kde packages are the only ones I have seen doing this in a woody -> woody upgrade!
  Usually this is fixed by removing the other for a while and then reinstalling it later or simply saying "apt-get -f install A B" - luckily when kdebase3 and kdebase3-bin were borken, this helped since removing either...
  Now keystone and knode are not fixable by this, though. I would hate to file bug reports against woody packages at this time - especially since this seems to happen again and again with kde packages. Is there some reason why it is only kde?

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