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Re: Debian's problems, Debian's future

On Wed, Mar 27, 2002 at 03:50:53PM +0100, Erich Schubert wrote:
> 6) User Support
> Spending lot's of time in #debian.de Channels and helping users with
> FAQs and more difficult problems, i think we _really_ need to put some
> very big user support and FAQ section on the debian.org webpage (and
> make it more attractive... 
> The FAQ on debian.org is too well hidden (it took me three clicks to get
> there... but newbies won't find it IMHO) and maybe too specific in some
> issues, and already to big. It's more a Developer FAQ, not a Newbie FAQ.

Maybe we should file a bug to the Debian opening page which should
include direct link to Debian documentation Project (DDP) page which
contain FAQ and other Debian specific documents.

Problem is some of the DDP pages are old.  FAQ in CVS are still mostly
for Slink and Potato related contents.

> We really should add a BIG newbie section.

DDP now contains "Debian reference" which is general Debian starter quick
reference.  I need help from knowledgeable Debian developers to add more
on X configuration and other basic routines.

> Well, maybe there are good Debian-Newbie pages already, but i don't know
> them, which isn't too good either...

Also there is newbiedoc efforts at newbiedoc.sourceforge.net which is
too wordy and long for me.  (That's why I started "Debian reference")

> The newbie page should for example recommend a good Debian book (and
> probably a different one for each language ;), point to FAQ, point to
> the bug tracking, point to Newsgroups and IRC and DebianPlanet.
> And of course it should also point to the intro/about page.

Agree.  DebianPlanet, I should add it also as a resource, rest I listed
in my document (only in English at this moment).

> currently, the main web page go into the Debian goals and history first;
> the documentation page starts by pointing to the developer reference.
> No wonder People don't start reading the docs here first...

Agree.  But some one has to do this.

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